Practical information

Open to everyone


The camps begin at 9:00 and finish at 16:00



Child-care is available as from 8:00 in the morning and as from 16:00 to 17:30 in the afternoon.


10€ a week (15€ for 2 children - 20€ for 3 children) or 1, 50€ per hour to be paid on arrival.


Please bring a picnic lunch with drinks (not bubbly) and snacks. 


Terms & Conditions

Once the registration has been sent, any change or cancellation will involve 5€ of administrative costs.

Cancellation administration fee up to 5 days prior to start of the camp: 10€. Camp fees reimbursement will only be implemented after a 3 day absence, supported by a medical certificate.

Thank you for your understanding.



Learn English in a fun and entertaining way!

We offer an immersion in the English language through games and also through real situations. For beginners: how to present yourself, be polite, request information. Objectives and difficult situations are defined for advanced students, always in a creativity way.

(Location: school)

Cycling for kids

The principal objective is to teach your child balance and to develop their skills in pedaling and breaking. If the child already knows how to ride a bike, then we will propose different modules such as learning traffic regulations, etc... They will need to bring their own bike and helmet and will leave their bikes at school, securely, for the whole week. (Location: St John’s School Courtyard).


Please bring 2 pairs of shoes, if possible proper football shoes, as well as appropriate all-weather clothing (waterproofs are recommended). (Location: St John’s soccer field)


Please bring tennis shoes (not running shoes) and a tennis racquet if possible otherwise we can lend you one. (Location: St John’s Tennis Courts)


This class will allow the children to develop their rhythm and movement as well as learning choreographies and different styles of dance. (Location: St John’s dance Studio in the PAC)

Motor skills

This takes place at the Timbertops campus in the Physical Education gym. Part of the day is dedicated to developing the child’s motor skills (circuits, games, ball games, eye-hand coordination exercises) and then a nap is scheduled for those children who need one while the others will have a restful period listening to books being read or doing other calm activities. Children need to be potty trained.

Creative workshops

All 5 senses will be awakened with crafts, games, and storytelling. (Location: Timbertops)

Pepper & salt

Ideal for those who love cooking, this workshop will open up new tastes and flavors for the participants with an opportunity to prepare suitable recipes. (Location: Timbertops).

Sport discovery

This activity takes place in the Sport Arena. The camp offers your child a wide range of sports adapted to their age: classic ball sports, racket sports, team activities as well as an introduction to some new sports.

Multi Fun

This takes place in the Sport Arena or outside. Participants will improve classic sports (ball sports, racket sports….) as well as an introduction to some new sports (ultimate Frisbee, kin ball, crosse canadienne, korf-ball ).


Ideal for developing self-esteem, common courtesy, speed, and tactics….. Participants can come in their kimono though not required. Comfortable sport attire is sufficient. (Location: Sport Arena).

Hip Hop

Ideal for self- development and gestures, learning occurs gradually with the basics of movement and by the simple figures.


Careful activity for you to discover new sensations. Full of the taste of the climbs, the balance, the abseiling and that on a wall that will raise your adrenaline. Students will learn to climb on a safety way. They will respect the safety rules and they will learn how to work and to help to ensure the safety.


Adovital (Not available every week) An internship dedicated to trainees who have grown up. We offer teens a range of activities like: water skiing, rock climbing, kayaking, US sports, paintball, mountain biking, wakeboarding and much more. A spirit always very sporty with a touch more playful.


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